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Photo of cross in peacock colours

Dichroic Glass Jewellery

Dichroic glass was first developed as a result of the US Aerospace Industry. Dichroic means that the glass will have more than one colour. It is produced by dispersing thin multi-layers of metal oxides upon the surface of glass in a vacuum at a very high temperature. This results in the colours in the jewellery changing, especially when viewed from different angles.

The dichroic coatings transmit certain wavelengths of light, whilst reflecting others. This creates an iridescent quality, particularly when the jewellery pieces are clear backed, when subtle reflective colours are produced similar to the iridescence observed in the gossamer wings of a butterfly or dragonfly.

Deborah of Dancing Peacock creates amazing jewellery from dichroic glass. To view some more pieces select an item below:

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Photo of a dichroic glass piece set on a silver bangle by Deborah of Dancing Peacock

Photo showing a small sqaure clock in pale pastels handcrafted by Deb of Dancing Peacock

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